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When my two boys first came to Language Transit about two years ago, they had hard time with writing homework. I was really frustrated with them and was seeking for help. Luckily, a good friend of mine told me about Language Transit and she highly recommend it. I thought we should give it a try. Now they have been going there for a while and I just couldn’t be happier. Their grades are getting better and best of all, they are no longer afraid of writing. They would just sit down and finish their writing homework all by themselves. What could be better than seeing them grow? Plus it is a wonderful learning environment and the teachers are so caring and kind. I highly highly recommended it!

– Lisu C.

Ever since going to Language Transit (LT), my kids never complain about having to write. (Even if it is for other subjects besides reading/writing, like science, social studies, cards, ….) They just do it. On top of that, they are fast in coming out with ideas and able to pen it down properly! I do not know how the teachers do it, but my children learn the technicalities of writing and yet their different styles shine through. LT is soooo not churning out cardboard boxes.

My daughter could not pass the “B” grade barrier and now that she is a consistent “A”, her confidence has increased tremendously.

The biggest bonus from LT has to be the ‘opening up’ of my son. It is no longer a monologue on my end. We have great conversations. Adding details to writing now translated to him telling me more about his school life & his thoughts. When asked how was his day, no more “yes”, “no”, “good, “idk”.

I highly recommend LT.

Oh, by the way, their pricing is reasonable and so, my husband is happy.

– Valerie L.

I took a TOEFL preparation class with Sue and do not have enough words to say Thank to her and others whom I met during my studying. Passed TOEFL successfully from first attempt. Sue is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated instructor insures that her students get quality education they deserve. She displays a genuine concern for the advancement of her students, freely shares her knowledge and experience and helps to gain confidence. Sue is one of the best teachers and mentors I ever had in my short life in the US and I strongly believe she will be given.
Thanks Language Transit!

– Katya D.

Thank you for teaching and guiding my children. My children enjoy going to you educational academy because they love you.

– Danielle & Paul’s Mother.

Mrs. Cho, Thank you so much for teaching me writing every single Monday! You helped me improve my writing and I finally got my first “A” in one of my essays. You also taught me public speaking and now I am not shy about talking to a big group of people. Sincerely,

– Brian L.

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